Behind The Brand: Theo & Harris Vintage Watches

There’s a strong chance that you own some iteration of the items featured here in this post. For that, I say — Bravo! Now, before you go out and make a mad dash to buy the exact same pieces that you already own as your yearly refresh — let’s take a look at elevating those basics based on a few principles — pattern, material, color & graphics.

We are currently in the first true golden age of where tech meets fashion in the wearables market. In the fitness tracker and watch markets, brands are finally starting to produce pieces that are functional for our increasingly health conscious lives and stylish enough to be worn on the day to day.

Garmin, who’s know for the GPS & running focused watches, has recently release their luxe lifestyle watch in the Fenix family called the Fenix Chronos. As a watch made for the stylish adventurer, I’ve partnered with the brand to show you three stylish ways to bring it to life and to review some of its features.

Let’s get straight to the cons.

This is a substantial watch (dimensions: 1.9″ x 1.9″ x 0.6″). A titanium bezel has some heft to it.  That being said, after you’ve worn it for a few hours that thought completely leaves your mind. With size being a factor, this wouldn’t be a timepiece that I would rock with a suit, however; it pairs well with everything else in your wardrobe.

Heavy Metal: An all metal watches typically mean business and can sharpen up any casual look. However; there’s more of an adventurer vibe with this watch (it has a built in barometer & altimeter), so, build looks around it that aren’t as formal. Just think this date is going to be an could end up in Aspen or something (thank you 8 days of battery life).

When I first got wind of this watch, I thought, this is the kind of watch that James Bond would wear if he was exclusively on a mission high in the mountains (remember the altimeter & barometer features??). So, I had to give it the bond treatment with the nato strap.

The downside of wear a traditional nato strap band with this watch? It covers the built-in heart rate monitor — but, it looks good.

Date Style: This is the all titanium version of the watch (come as a tan leather strap & brushed steel version) — which is the most luxe of the three iterations. When a brunch date strikes, rock this watch with your favorite waxed cotton field jacket. The inherent ruggedness and tactical nature of the face & case are the perfect complement to a tailored military style coat.

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